CoFI - Linking geoscience inference problems with tools for their solution

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Some of us develop inversion and parameter estimation algorithms for specific problems and wonder where else they could be applied. Some of us focus on developing new and flexible forward models of Earth phenomena and want a complementary inversion algorithm that fits their needs. Many more of us have data and questions to answer and need both. Our goal for CoFI, the Common Framework for Inference, is to through relevant examples build a community collaboration using open-source infrastructure to interface geoscience inference problems with the tools required to solve them.
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Our vision

Once a problem is setup for CoFI our vision is for the user to be able to switch between fundamentally different inference algorithms with minimal effort by (for example) just providing the name of the sampling or optimisation algorithm to be used.

Getting started

CoFI is a Python package able to interface with inference algorithms from different sources.

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cofi GitHub repository

It comes with a rich set of examples and our recommendation is to start by exploring the examples after installing CoFI

cofi examples GitHub repository

CoFI for research managers

A open platform that encourages experimentation and reduces development time and cost to trial leading edge inference techniques

CoFI for inversion specialists

A rich set of domain relevant problems to trial inference methods

CoFI for application domain experts

Access to a wide range of state of the art inference methods and relevant examples