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The development of CoFI is now being supported through an AuScope 2021 Pilot Project.

In the Common Framework For Inference project (CoFI), researchers will build an open and flexible software platform that enables the wider research community to more effectively undertake inversion (a tool to understand subsurface properties using field data). CoFI will also help educators to better teach inversion to geophysics students through the provision of interactive examples.

CoFI will be the world’s first independent transportable framework for inversion, offering researchers a flexible high-level programming language that expresses inversion problems and connects them to solutions. Project leader, Professor Malcolm Sambridge from The ANU explains why this is so exciting:

“Typically geoscience researchers who develop inversion methods need problems to test them on, and those who need to solve inversion problems need leading-edge algorithms to solve them. The idea behind CoFI is to allow the two to meet in the middle, while also providing an ease of use platform for educators. We are excited to be embarking on this new project, the first of its kind in the world, with our partners in AuScope and CSIRO.”

CoFI will be a collaboration between The ANU, CSIRO’s Deep Earth Imaging Future Science Platform and the University of Durham.

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  • Begin exploring the development version of CoFI by heading to Colab